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Growing Clinical Hypnotherapists and Their Practices

The Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists 

The Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH) has been established to be a new and different type of association to support, mentor and be a solid community for Australian hypnotherapists. Based in Brisbane, Queensland the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists was originally conceived as a Queensland based community for clinical hypnotherapists as there was no hypnotherapists association based in our large and diverse state. That said, due to interest from around Australia we are open to accept and support professional clinical members from across the country.

While the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists is a new organisation our national committee has more than 90 years of experience in leading and being on the boards of the largest hypnotherapy associations and training organisations in Australia. We’re building a community of professional Australian hypnotherapists that’ll be here for the long haul, that will support our professional practitioners and represent clinical hypnotherapy to the community, to government and to statutory bodies in a dedicated and professional manner.

GoAH is committed to a set of values that will guide our association, its members and leadership team. We’re committed to mentoring new Australian hypnotherapists, providing ongoing professional development opportunities, supporting training organisations and building a community of like-minded hypnotherapists who will lift the profile of  our profession.

We may be new but we have ideas, ideals, drive and we acknowledge that we live in modern times and that effective associations can’t do what they did forty years ago and be relatable in our new world.

Supervision Mentoring

Read more about GoAH’s mentoring and professional and operational supervision goals and programs.

Continuing Education Training

How we help clinical hypnotherapists reach their educational goals and continual professional development.

Supportive Community

Be part of a genuinely supportive and collaborative group of professional hypnotherapists.

Let’s work together because…

Together, we can build our profession in a different way

    • We can see ourselves as colleagues rather than competitors
    • We can share in the resources of our many excellent training organisations for ongoing professional training as well as carry out our own
    • We can help and mentor newly qualified hypnotherapists as they begin in the profession
    • We can focus on hypnotherapy based workshops and advanced small group training
    • We can use the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia’s National Register of Accredited Hypnotherapists to help expand our practices, and;
    • We can build a community of like minded, qualified Australian Hypnotherapists that can make a real difference to our profession and our clients.

Three Free GoAH Members WebinarsGoAH Free Webinar

Host: Brett Cameron
Topic: Getting more clients (part 1)
When: Wednesday 13 April, 7:00pm AEST (90 minutes)
Cost: Just joking! It’s completely free for GoAH members
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This webinar is now closed

Host: Lawrence Akers
Topic: Hypnotherapy Recording Techniques
When: Wednesday 11 May, 7:00pm – 8:30pm AEST (90 minutes)
Cost: Still free!
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This webinar is now closed

Host: Brett Cameron
Topic: Creating Successful Hypnotherapy Programs
When: Wednesday 8 June, 7:00pm – 8:30pm AEST (90 minutes)
Cost: Yep – free again
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The Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists acknowledges the First Nations people of the land and waters on which GoAH is established. GoAH pays respect to their leaders past, present and emerging.

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