Professional Supervision and Mentoring

Supervision and Mentoring

“I have lived my life to be a mentor, and to be mentored! Constantly. Everything in the world has been passed down. Every piece of knowledge is something that has been shared by someone else. If you understand it as I do, mentoring becomes your true legacy. It is the greatest inheritance you can give to others.”


John Wooden

Supervision / Mentoring

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Professional Supervision and Mentoring programs

Professional supervision undertaken by hypnotherapists is a requirement of all member associations of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia. All GoAH members take part in professional supervision which is overseen by qualified clinical supervisors and this is part of therapists ongoing membership requirements.


Why is professional supervision important?

Supervision is a positive and enabling process that offers the opportunity to bring a clinician or hypnotherapist and a trained supervisor together to reflect on work practice. The process of supervision helps to clarify solutions to problems, improve practice and increase understanding of professional and clinical issues. In effect supervision is an important element of professional and personal growth.

This is why all associations have minimum standards of supervision for clinical hypnotherapists. At present the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists requires clinical hypnotherapists to undertake 12 hours of supervision led by a qualified supervisor each year. Though many GoAH members have supervision qualifications we also also recognise supervisors from other associations, particularly Hypnotherapy Council of Australia member associations. This which allows GoAH members greater flexibility to meet their annual supervision requirements requirements. For new members joining GoAH in the middle of a calendar year any requirements are adjusted accordingly.


And what about mentoring?

One of the recognised failings of our profession is that there is little support for many graduates many of who work in sole practices. The organisers of GoAH have long recognised this and developed a formal mentoring program to help graduates in many practical ways. Some of these may cross into operational supervision such as running a practice or how to attract clients and other such practical issues.

Much more important is the wisdom and encouragement that an experienced hypnotherapist can impart to someone starting in the profession. At GoAH we think that our mentoring program will play an important role in helping new therapists become established and successful and that’s good for the profession as a whole. And best of all, it comes at no cost. In our view really good knowledge and life experience should be freely shared.

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