A little About Clinical Hypnotherapy

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Why choose hypnotherapy?

Why choose hypnotherapy and how it can help you

Why choose hypnotherapy when you want to make change?

For many people the thought of being hypnotised can be a bit unnerving particularly if their only experience has been been of watching hypnosis on TV or a love show. They are unsure of what might happen or fear being out of control and not being able to remember the experience. This sort of thinking stops people considering hypnotherapy despite it being a proven modality that can help many physical, emotional and psychological conditions.


What does it feel like to experience hypnosis?

Trance or hypnosis is actually a very normal experience, we all drift in and out of trances everyday. Daydreaming is a good example of a common everyday trance. Our thoughts and focus turn inward rather than out and we become absorbed in our inner experience.  Trance is like being lost in thought, in a different zone and many have experienced this sort of unguided trance when meditating.

In trance of hypnosis you are able to hear what is being said and have a sense of what is going on around you. For some clients this is a why choose hypnotherapy GoAHlittle disorienting as they often have an expectation on being hypnotised, going to sleep and then waking remembering nothing. This doesn’t happen for 99% of people who experience hypnosis.

It’s like deliberately taking the time to relax in a guided way, gently drifting into a trance state You’ll probably notice that your breathing slows and deepens and your muscles relax. One client told me, “It was as though I was there and not there at the same time”.

The relationship you have with your Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists clinician often determine the depth of trance but even theses relative as the unconscious mind can achieve real change when you might feel that you’re in a light trance. We all have a creative imagination and it’s the use of this powerful medium that realigns our thoughts which flow to different feelings and actions.

A skilful therapist will guide you to use the full potential of your imagination while bypassing the critical conscious mind and is when you make dramatic changes to your life. The power of trance is in the suggestions you hear to and how much you take these new ideas on board.

So, why choose hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help with many issues such as stopping smoking, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, fears and phobias, changing eating habits, emotional issues, exam nerves, public speaking, confidence, motivation, stress, depression, pain management, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and much more. All of these topics have been well researched.

To chose an accredited hypnotherapist you can rely of the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists and other member associations of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia that have some of the best training and highest standards world wide.