Australia’s Peak Body for Hypnotherapy


The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia is governed by its association and educational member entities which allows us to keep and stakeholders up-to-date with accurate and timely industry information while making ethical decisions in accordance with best practice.


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Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

Australia’s Peak Body for Hypnotherapy

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is the national peak body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia. HCA is comprised of and represents hypnotherapists’ associations and hypnotherapy training organisations across the country.

As an association made up of and representing clinical hypnotherapists the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists is both a member of HCA and represented on its board. 

As the peak body for our profession, HCA provides a cohesive identity for the diversity of hypnotherapy methodologies and promotes their professional and ethical practice for the benefit of the community. HCA also sets standards for training and ethics for the practice of clinical hypnotherapy in Australia.

The council is committed to unifying the hypnotherapy profession through strong ethical principles, and an emphasis on effective practice offering real assistance to those members of the public who seek our help.

HCA recognises Australian incorporated associations and educational organisations that meet HCA criteria for membership, including HCA standards of ethics and training.

When seeking a clinical hypnotherapist look for the HCA logo on associations websites and the HCA’s Accredited Hypnotherapist logo on individual hypnotherapist and practice websites.

Current Hypnotherapy Council Members


Member Associations


Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Inc.AACHP
Guild of Australian HypnotherapistsGoAH
International Strategic Psychotherapists AssociationISPA
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc.PCHA

Member Educational Entities


Academy of Hypnotic Science (Sterling Institute)AHS
Australian Hypnotherapy CollegeAHC
Brisbane NLPworking4uNLPw4u
Career AcceleratorsCA
Hypnotherapy Training College (previously Mind Care QLD)HTC/MCARE
Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP Aust)ICHP
Institute of Applied Psychology IAP
The Australian Academy of HypnosisAAH
The Mind AcademyTMA

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