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GoAH Student Membership

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How to join the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists as a student member


GoAH Student Membership

Student Membership in The Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists may be applied for by students who are currently engaged in hypnotherapy training with a GoAH or Hypnotherapy Council of Australia recognised training organisation. A list of HCA recognised training organisations can be found on the HCA website here.

If you are undertaking a course of study at one of these educational organisations you are eligible to apply for GoAH student membership.

  • there is no fee payable for student members.
  • the maximum time a student member can hold this level of membership is 4 consecutive years.
  • student members are not eligible for listing on HCA National Register of Accredited Hypnotherapists or the GoAH Register of practitioners until they have successfully completed their training.


Student members

  • do not have voting rights at the GoAH meetings
  • may not hold a position on the GoAH Committee
  • may apply for Clinical Membership at the successful completion of their studies. Membership acceptance remains at the full discretion of the board and limitations may be placed on membership.

If you are a qualified hypnotherapist and would like to join GoAH, please follow this link.

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