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GoAH Statement of Values

About the GoAH Statement of Values.
The power and prominence of values are fundamental to any organisation as they guide decision making and actions. GoAH Statement of Values was the first document we wrote for the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists. It seemed like the logical and sensible place to start and these points of reference will determine our present and our future actions and direction.

It is our expectation that the document GoAH Statement of Values will be embraced by leadership and members alike.


GoAH Statement of Values



As an association of individual professionals The Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists (GoAH), upholds an expectation that its leaders and its members, as a reflection of the whole, will commit to the harmony of these values with our behaviours, recognising that these are not situational, but a hallmark and foundation on which the Guild and its work is known and secured.



We are committed to upholding standards of professional practice, and development through continuing education and learning.
We are committed to the continual improvement of training and education in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to raise community and collegiate awareness of clinical hypnotherapy as professional and accountable health modality.



We are committed to taking responsibility for our decisions, actions and behaviours. We will be both individually and collectively accountable.



We are committed to shared governance and being transparent in our actions and decision making.
We are committed to working in harmony with other such associations and supporting any professional peak body recognised by the majority of our profession



We are committed to being inclusive, courteous and culturally safe.

We’re committed to learning and changing

As the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists grows, matures and takes its place in the profession of hypnotherapy, we expect that our core values will grow and mature also. We’re committed to this as an organisation and will always look for ways to do things differently and better, and we’ll do this serving our members with integrity.

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