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Continuing education

Development and Training Opportunities

Next Training – Free Webinars For GoAH Members plus the next paid Sunday workshops


The remaining 2023 dates have been set (& emailed to all members) so check back soon and don’t miss out on these essential and complimentary training opportunities.  

Please note that attendance at our monthly free webinars are for GoAH members only. If you’d like join GoAH to please follow this link

Free Webinar (1)

Host: Geordie Thompson 
Topic: Working with chronic pain clients
When: Wednesday 21st June at 7.00pm AEDT
Cost: FREE 
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                                                                         Free Webinar (2)

Host: GoAH 
Topic: Annual General Meeting
When: Wednesday 19th July at 7.00pm AEDT
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Free Webinar (3)

Host: Jevon Clark
Topic: Understanding dysfunctional relationships
When: Wednesday 16th August at 7.00pm AEDT
Cost: FREE 
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Free Webinar (3)

Host: GoAH 
Topic: Annual General Meeting
When: Wednesday 19th July at 7.00pm AEDT
Cost: FREE 
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GoAH Workshop: Sunday 6th August 2023 – Dr Rob McNeilly

2:00-5:00pm NSW/VIC/ACT/QLD

1:30-4:30pm SA
1200pm-3:00pm WA

Presenter: Dr Rob McNeilly

Topic: Learning solutions in hypnosis – building on Ericksonian approach

Dr Robert McNeilly was in a suburban Melbourne general medical practice for 10 years, had the privilege of learning directly with Milton Erickson, was inspired by his human approach to therapy, and created his own interpretation to assist clients in a respectful, dignified way with the human dilemmas that affect individuals, couples and families.

He founded the CET in l988 to introduce Ericksonian Hypnosis and the Solution Oriented Approach to hypnosis, counselling and coaching in Australia. For more than 40 years, the contribution he brings in his teaching style, writing and unique approaches to learning and therapy allow for a ready application into everyday living and are recognised locally, nationally and internationally, including repeated invited presentations at the Milton H Erickson Foundation’s International Congresses in USA since 1980 and workshops in Singapore, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Ireland, England and The Czech Republic since 1999.

He is co-author, with Jenny Brown, of “Healing With Words”, “Healing the Whole Person” was published by Wiley, republished as “Doing Change” by St Luke’s Innovative Resources, and Crown House have published a series of DVD demonstrations of counselling and hypnosis. Tandava Press have published “Creating Connections in Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and therapy Vol 1 & 2”, “Learning Hypnosis” and “Just Do Good Work”.

Students comment on his easy, respectful manner and his elegant ability to make complex issues approachable while retaining their essence.

Workshop goal for participants:

An easy and respectful way to invite anyone into hypnosis so each client can connect with a missing resource that will allow them to resolve their problem.

Other General Meetings

None scheduled other than AGM below


GoAH AGM Meeting

Wednesday 19th July at 7pm AEST

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Continuing professional development is the cornerstone of successful practice

At the Guild of Australian Hypnotherapists we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to provide opportunity for practitioners and members to learn, be challenged and hone their skills. To that end GoAH is committed to providing continuing professional development and training that’s relevant, contemporary and practical.

Our plan is to provide this knowledge base in three ways:


Face to face workshops

We’ll hold face to face training and workshops when practical because we believe there’s nothing like being in a setting with colleagues and having the opportunity to learn, ask questions and take part in practical demonstrations. As soon as the conditions are right we’ll start this program.


Small group expert training

GoAH has already started preparing advanced hypnotherapy training for experienced practitioners. We’ll provide this training to small groups of 10 – 12 people on a regular basis in different locations. These events will be the perfect setting to challenge your beliefs and learn new hypnotic interventions.


Online / distance training

We acknowledge that the events of the past two years have been challenging and difficult for many. The inability to congregate in groups or travel has changed the way training has been delivered. Rather than reinvent the wheel we are in the process of negotiating access for our members to some of the best available online training.

Workshops – Face to face small group – Online Training, which is the better way?

The answer is probably a mixture of all three, we’ll learn and find the best ways to provide affordable, high quality continuing professional development to our members and anyone else who’d like to attend. What you can be sure of is that you’ll be learning from qualified trainers and all of the training will be based around our modality.

If that sounds like the sort of thing you’d get something out of, why not join us and try something different and new. It’ll take us a bit of time to find our way and get it right but our interim committee has decades of experience in hypnosis practice and delivering high quality training.